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My Pilates Studio – Testimonials – read all the wonderful reviews about us! We’re so grateful to have such an awesome group of people that come here!

Tracy Gilbert Harris:

I started doing pilates on the reformer with Nikki after my recovery from major back surgery. With her awesome instruction and incredible positive energy I learned to love exercise for the first time in my life! Six years later I can honestly say I’ve never been as fit, strong or flexible. Doing pilates regularly with Nikki and other instructors at My Pilates Studio has enabled me to build core strength and protect my back. I love pilates and believe in its benefits so much that I’ve decided to become a certified pilates instructor myself!! I highly recommend giving it a try.

Staci Fuchs-Kolins:

I found a home when I stumbled upon My Pilates Studio…. I love all the teachers and Nicole the owner… I go at least three times a week and truly feel strong and see my body change week after week………. On a plus side, my pain in my shoulder from my arthritis has totally subsided thanks to pilates…… I have taken pilates at many other studios and I can honestly say nothing compares to Nikki and her crew……. The fellow students are all so lovely as well.

David Joseph Alubowicz:

The difference I have seen them make in people’s lives is remarkable. The difference it made in my life has had such a positive impact I can only strongly encourage those interested in being more fitness minded and emotionally centered to give it a try. What’s best is how any skill or fitness level may expect a genuine, inspiring result.

Marion Fox Pearlman:

Amazing!! I am hooked – best work out and the studio is so clean. The instructors are great and the classes are small – it’s a private workout at class prices!!

Loretta Fricano Safirstein:

I was a regular member a few years back and just started up again and I’ve realized how much I’ve missed it. Nikki and her team are awesome. My back and neck feels better and my energy level is up! It’s a great way to start the day. Love love love My Pilates Studio!

Daphne Cirino:

I recently started taking classes at MPS and love it. It’s super clean and comfortable, and I feel great after each class. The instructors are very helpful and I don’t feel any pressure when I am there!

Beth Brill:

I love my Pilates’ classes!! Admittedly, it isn’t always what I want to do, but I am always glad after! All the teachers are great, but Susan is my super-hero!! Nikki is a pleasure to work with and is very accommodating. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!!!

Carrie Luckner-Zimmerman:

Great class – will definitely be back! Love the new studio!

Diana Valenti:

I can’t say enough about My Pilates Studio. I started going 2-3 times a week for a couple of months leading up to my wedding and the results were amazing. There is no way I would have felt so confident if it weren’t for Nikki and her team. All of the instructors are incredibly friendly, and there is a great sense of community amongst the members. I lazily took a few months off over the winter, and I deeply regret it. Can’t wait to get back into the study as often as possible!

Christine Anna:

My Pilates Studio is great! The instructors are amazing and the workout is awesome!

Shari Nahmias-Leff:

I’ve never enjoyed working out like I do in my Pilates studio. I actually look forward to it which is a first for me. The studio is clean and the instructors are all top notch, helpful and motivating. Everyone is nice and it feels like you’re part of a family there. I have gotten so much stronger in my core and it has helped strengthen my back. I have scoliosis and now my pain and tightness is gone!! This is a miracle workout and it’s actually fun!!! I recommend this place if you want to see positive changed in your body.

Flora Altabet Elias:

Love the classes, love the instructors. Check the studio out for yourself!

Scott Woodrick:

Best instructors that offer much more than any other facility experienced.

Liz Leiter:

My Pilates studio has changed my life. Amazing staff and energy. Thank you.

Karen B. Migdal:

If you’ve never been you must try – it’s literally for everyone – especially at This Studio – where Nikki welcomes all!! What a beautiful space.

Elyce Weinberg Neuhauser:

Best workout EVER, best instructors, awesome vibe, Nikki and Co. you rock!!

Lisa Glickman Cohen:

Nikki, Melissa, Melanie and Susan are ALL amazing… I had the best summer of my life with these ladies keeping me motivated to work hard and get strong… hope to be back at the studio very soon… Xoxo