HIIT workouts at My Pilates Studio

High-Intensity Interval Training , also called HIIT workouts, have become known in the fitness and medical world as one of the most effective means of improving cardiovascular health, respiratory endurance, as well as metabolic function.

HIIT workouts are known to be an excellent way to burn fat in a short period of time and to help improve the physical performance of athletes of all kinds.

Stop by and check out our REFORMER HIIT COMBO class with Matt Johnson.

This class is intense, fast-paced, and has an extra kick of cardiovascular challenges. You’ll be sure to get a lean, strong, toned body with this class! All levels welcomed. Prior reformer experience necessary. Come ready to sweat in Matt’s classes and say goodbye to that Saturday night hangover!

  • Sundays 11:00 am
  • Mondays 7:30 am

Matt Johnson HIIT workouts

See our HIIT workouts class schedule to sign up today! View schedule here.

Interested in teaching HIIT workouts at My Pilates Studio? Contact us. Join the family.

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