Reformer Pilates Workout

Reformer Pilates workout with our beautiful Julie at
My Pilates Studio – Plainview, NY

The reformer offers all the usual benefits of Pilates, including overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. These things lead to better posture, graceful, efficient movement, and for many, relief from back pain. Rather than targeting just one muscle like some workouts do, Pilates routines better the whole body. That means long, lean muscles that definitely creates a stronger inner and outer frame.

Come sweat with My Pilates Studio today!

Our Plainview, Long Island class schedule can be viewed here.

We invite all ages, fitness levels, weights, and body types to try our Reformer Pilates workout!

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Reformer Pilates Workout - My Pilates Studio - Long Island, New York

1163 Old Country Road Plainview, NY 11803

MY PILATES STUDIO IS HIRING! Get certification to teach Vault Barre & TRX

Teach Vault Barre & TRX at My Pilates Studio!

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Thursday, October 5, 2017
Participants will learn to how to leverage TRX’s movement-based training approach to teach foundational movements and progressions and then apply to a variety of training equipment.


Friday, Saturday, Sunday, October 6-8, 2017
Previous ballet/dance training is not needed beyond what is covered in the certification program (but any level of dance knowledge is certainly a plus).


Open to anyone!

  1. Learn skills required to teach a safe and effective Vault Barre class.
  2. Understand how to set up, teach and cue students through a Barre class.
  3. Master a set of basic Barre exercises and terminology.
  4. Teach a basic Barre class.
  5. Pass the final practical exam to receive a Vault Barre Certificate to begin teaching.
Teach vault barre & TRX – Get certified today!

teach Vault Barre & TRX